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What is Technology?

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




What is technology? According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it is “the application of modern science to practical ends such as the development of new machinery, new batteries, or other tools that may be applied to carry on certain specialized tasks”. In other words, what is technology?

The definition of technology itself shows some limitations. In order to get technology to work properly, you need knowledge of all the various processes involved in its operation. What is technology? A more appropriate way to ask this question would be, “what is knowledge?” Knowledge is simply the sum total of many skills, techniques, processes, and methods utilized in the achievement of goals, including scientific research, and in the development of new products or services. Without knowledge, any system is merely a tool.

What is technology? Knowledge is a means of communication, receiving and giving information, building on the knowledge of others, communicating with people through processes such as writing, music, images, motion pictures, or sound. In the broadest sense, technology is, “the application of scientific, technological, and informational methods and practices for the improvement of human performance”. This is a rather narrow view of technology since it ignores the many ways in which technology can be applied. Some specific areas in which technology has had a significant impact include education, business, communication, health care, science, engineering, medicine, technology, and telecommunications. There are also social changes that technology has helped produce, such as the greater social interaction that has taken place in modern society.

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In a broader sense, what is technology? Technological systems and activities have occurred throughout history. One example is the wheel, which was invented by ancient societies. Other examples include computers, electricity, radio, telephones, automobiles, transportation, and much more. Technological change has led to many developments in these particular fields, and the progress made by mankind has allowed people to live in a much more comfortable and productive way.

Technological change occurs with some regularity, usually because of the growth of ideas and needs that arise throughout the development of society and civilization. For instance, new businesses were created to produce items people needed that did not exist before. The development of information technology allows people to communicate with one another at a much greater rate than ever before. Also, new information technology allows people to use previously unknown means to acquire knowledge about previously unknown topics.

Technological change is also an increasing factor in how information is produced, used, and shared. Advances in computer technology allow people to create databases and stores to store their information. They are able to do this much faster than was once possible, leading to far more storage capacity than even ten years ago. Likewise, the Internet provides an unprecedented level of communication, both within individual communities and throughout the global community. Another area in which technological development has affected society in a major way is in the area of education. Textbooks and other reading materials are now available to people of all ages that provide them with education beyond what they would have received had they attended a traditional college or university.

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