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What Is The Meaning Of Evolution?

Hillary Cyril



Defining Technology is a rather vague idea. I define it as the Integration of arts and sciences for the purpose of achieving a particular result. In most cases, the definition of technology is actually nothing more than a synonym for progress. However, there is one major difference between progress and technology. Where progress is necessarily a product of human creativity and motivation, technology is a process, idea, or strategy, developed by man.

There are many theories and ideas that attribute to the progress of society, economy, and culture. One such popular theory is the Theory of Discovery. This theory states that because people find simple tools, like fire and the wheel, that allow them to discover new things, then other people should be able to discover more things as simple tools. It goes without saying that if the discovery is fairly simple, it will be passed on through human history, but if it is very complicated, it will be discovered by means of a scientific process. Thus we can define technology as the resultant of a combination of discovery and civilization.

Another way of looking at the definition of technology is to see it as a result of the interaction of human minds. A mind is a powerful tool, capable of great feats such as walking the earth, and other technological developments. Because of this, it is quite reasonable to believe that the definition of technology should include within its broad range, the actual use of human minds to build upon, expand, and further the discovery of the universe around us.

A good example of the use of minds in technological development is the development of communication. Before the dawn of writing, people formed basic ideas and sent them across distances using mere words. With writing, these ideas could now be recorded on tablets. The meaning of these tablets was not necessarily known by the earliest humans, who only later learned that by reading the tablets, they would understand the concept of writing. Therefore, even before the existence of the sun, there were already technological developments in their sphere of influence, such as the use of fire for warmth, tools for digging, and food preservation.

The other examples include the development of such high technology as wheeled vehicles, air-conditioning and heating systems, railroads, and railroad tracks. Each of these examples includes the use of simple tools and machines which enabled people to travel vast distances. Thus, by looking at these examples, it becomes clear that the meaning of technology is not simply confined to transportation and communications. In fact, it also includes the use of machines, which enables us to do things more efficiently than our predecessors ever thought of doing them.

In this context, it is, therefore, safe to conclude that the definition of technological evolution should also take into account the impact of scientific discoveries on society in general. Examples include the impact of quantum physics on society, such that ordinary individuals are able to use the knowledge of the past to predict the future using the tools of the present. Another example includes the impact of computers on society, such that people are able to use the information on a laptop in order to perform work, even when traveling to other parts of the world. Thus, while the use of such simple tools and machines has enabled humans to live more efficiently than any previous generation, there have also been profound changes brought about by the use of high-tech devices, which has made life more complicated than ever.

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