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Why You Should not be in a Hurry to Replace Your Smartphone.




A new smartphone gets unveiled to the market, and you immediately want to buy it. Do not be in a hurry to replace your smartphone, you could end up wasting a lot of money.

Be sure to take an organized and thoughtful approach before purchasing a new smartphone to ensure you get the most out of the one you bought earlier. So how often should you change your smartphone? The two most crucial factors to consider are what type of smartphone you have and also your needs for using it. Additional factors could be mobile phone service contracts and also tax incentives.

When smartphone users talk about when exactly they shall next upgrade their phones, they pretty much point to the date in which their cell-phone contract is over. Once a two-year contract with most mobile phone service providers is over, you qualify for a deal with them, like for instance the newest mobile phone at a relatively lower price if you decide on signing another two-year contract.
Only because the company offers you the deal today doesn’t necessarily mean you should take it at that moment.

In, say, two, three or even six months, that particular deal shall probably still stand. Avoid cashing in on that upgrade at all costs because you could move to a different region where the network reception of that provider isn’t that reliable. You wouldn’t wish to be stuck in yet another two-year contract simply because you wanted to get a new phone.

Furthermore, you may subsequently want to hold off if a better device is anticipated to be rolled out soon, or if your device is working well and still in good condition.
Another factor to put into consideration is the resale value. A phone that has been used before and is still in good condition and runs an operating system that is still supported shall be more valuable as opposed to one whose operating system is outdated.

Wondering what my opinion is on how often should you change your smartphone? My rule of thumb on this question is that it should be nothing more than just once every two years. After using your smartphone for two years, I think you need to consider upgrading once the developers who make the apps that you greatly depend on or the company that designs the operating system do not support your current model anymore, either. Alternatively, you may decide to change your smartphone when you feel like treating yourself to the latest phone model.

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