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You can now create custom geofilters for your wedding or party, thanks to Snapchat




 Snapchat has recently introduced an “on-demand” geofilter which allows businesses and people to subscribe for temporary custom filters which appear in the app. Unlike the sponsored geofilters that Snapchat has previously offered, the on-demand filters will, in addition to covering a smaller geographic area, cost much less between $5 to some thousand dollars. The company provides an online tool that allows you to experiment not only with the prices but also locations.

Geofilters (in-app illustrations) are typically tied to particular locations which you can easily overlay onto your photos (Snaps).Although most of Snapchats geofilter’s have for a long time been user generated, until now, businesses have not been able to create snapshots due to the company’s guidelines. With the new geofilters, you can create specialized filters for such private events as weddings and birthday parties which were not possible to create previously.

Moreover, with the on-demand filters, you can secure placement within the app for a limited period of time. Upon designing your filter, which is easy because snapchat provides some templates, you can proceed to map out the particular area in which you would like the filter to appear specifying also the duration.

With the new filters, users are assured of flexibility as far as arranging the details are concerned. However, the new filters cannot match the ones sponsored by the app which are far reaching with ability of covering a whole country. Actually, the new filters can cover a much less range between 20,000 square feet and 5 million square feet which range is not sufficient to cover a whole city. it is capable of lasting between an hour and a month. The cost is determined by the area covered and the duration.

These filters are currently being used in countries such as the U.K, Canada and the U.S and the company intends to roll out the feature in more locations in the near future. Regarding other geofilters that are user-generated, these new paid geofilters must be approved by Snapchat before being pushed into the app. According to the company, the approval process will take approximately eight hours.

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