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The last time I wrote about Zootly, the New York-based tech startup was just introducing itself to the world as a game changer in the moving and logistics industry. The company is now covering even more ground and has shifted its focus to purely simplifying the moving process across the board. Zootly doesn’t care about what you move; they just want to make it easy for you to move.

Before we dive into all that Zootly has going on, here’s a refresher. Zootly is often deemed the Uber for moving, but in actuality, it’s very different. Uber’s model fundamentally operates under the disruptive economy model, whereas Zootly operates in a collaborative economy model.  It doesn’t want to put moving companies out of business – completely the opposite.  Zootly looks to partner with the best of the best and bring qualified moving jobs to those movers rewarding the best businesses. Zootly rigorously vets these companies and helps them to fill underutilized resources. It’s the perfect relationship. On the customer side, customers are loving the service because the whole process is much easier and more customer friendly than ever before.

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Now, let’s look at the services.

I’ll start with the mobile app. Apparently Zootly actually listens to user feedback because most of the features in the latest version of its moving app are said to have come directly from their user base. Features such as single sign-on with social media profiles, a smoother, more fluid process for booking moves, and my favorite, the try before you buy feature which lets you look around the app without having to create an account, all made the new release. There are other subtle refinements, but those are the big ones. Zootly made even more app announcements last month at the American Moving and Storage Expo including the Zootly Estimator app. Once implemented, customers will be able to answer a few questions on the website or in-app and receive a fixed price for their move. Another addition that is forthcoming is the company’s new pricing model which starts at $59. Keep in mind that this includes commercial customers and consumers alike.


This next service addition might be a little niche, but I can see the potential. Zoot Cases, as appropriately branded, are the core of Zootly’s storage solution. Customers or the movers pack a Zoot Case, lock it, take it to a secure warehouse where it’s racked and at a later date, delivered and unpacked at its new location. The company’s thinking is that if items are transported in as few loads and unloads as possible, the chance of damage decreases.

Zootly is on the right track and is seemingly addressing all of the pain points of the moving and logistic industries.  If you remember, Zootly currently only covers areas within a 100-mile radius of the New York metro area, but I anticipate this expanding as well as their services. In fact, Zootly has all but confirmed the details.

For more information on Zootly, visit the company’s website at While you’re at it, grab the app from the Google Play store or the iTunes app store.

Per Zootly’s website, media inquiries should be sent to:

Zootly Media Relations
Heidi Davidson
(914) 441-6862
[email protected]

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