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9 unbelievable and Latest technology in the World.




Going back a decade to the time when technology was just but a fantasy, maybe even stuff of science fiction, imagining that anyone would have accurately predicted the recent advancements in the tech industry was well, unimaginable. This is the ultimate countdown of the best latest technology of our time.

(9) Portable Gaming Devices

Portable gaming is tech with its inception just before the turn of the millennium. The possession of the Gameboy Colour was the ultimate definition of cool. Then there was the Sega Gamegear that the rich kid could not help but have in his or her cool kit collection. The most popular of the portable games was the  Pokeman which was more talked of than actually owned but it did give students an incentive to study hard with the hope of receiving this out of the world game as the spoils of the sweat of their brow. Soon after, the Atari Lynx was the meaning of entertainment galore . In clear consistent fashion, the Nintendo DS made the Lynx yesterday’s desire and became every gamer’s obsessive thought. At the turn of the millennia Sony’s graphic gurus came up with the PlayStation which has had the interest of both the occasional and addicted gamer since its launch.

(8) Hybrid vehicles

If someone had floated the idea that cars would one day be powered by electricity, he would have been dismissed as nothing but a dreamer a decade ago. Right now though, it is factual that vehicles that run partially by gasoline and by electricity do exist. The tech is not only marvelous but also environmentally friendly.

(7) Data Storage

It has been a long time since the eight gigabyte data storage device that had to fit in a CD-ROM to transfer data stored. The development since Defrag has been more than impressive with the current tech bragging of up to a hundred times the amount of storage capacity and the halving of the going price of hard drives.

(6) Broadband net

To be precise, this was stuff that only the upper middle class and above could afford.  Only the lucky few did use this tech.  Now, the advancements of this technology has made broadband easily available.

(5) The iPhone

When asked:  “What is most influential tech of our time? The iPhone is the easy answer. This is attributed to the touchscreen tech to the application based operating systems that has done more for the revolution of communication.

(4) Nintendo Wii

This motion capture tech has the greatest number of sales for a reason. It has revolutionised the gaming experience by enhancing the control that the gamer has when in play.

(3) HD Television

There have been major strides from DVD to VHS and now high definition. The pictures are of a higher resolution and a clearer quality. Deserving of commendation however is the ability of the industry to produce and sell these modern day gems at very low prices.


(2) iPod

The iPod is the MP3 player that though has numerous rivals must be marveled over. This piece of tech can easily handle a whole hard drive of songs.

(1) WiFi

It has been a long way from the cellphones tech inception. With WiFi the time of accessing internet only from a fixed point like at home or at the office is now a thing of the past. Together with cellphone tech.

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