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Are You Turning Your Ideas Into Reality With an Aerospace Engineering Degree?

Hillary Cyril




Aerospace is a generalized term used to collectively describe space, air, and atmosphere. Aerospace activity is quite varied, with a plethora of military, commercial and civil applications. Aerospace technology is comprised of astronautics and aeronautical engineering. NASA is the primary U.S. federal agency involved in space research, and its primary division is NASA headquarters in Washington D.C. Although NASA is only one of many agencies supporting space research, it is perhaps the most well-known and is widely recognized. Many international space agencies also conduct research in this field.

The history of aerospace engineering dates back to the birth of flight when airplanes were used for military purposes. In the 20th century, however, airplanes underwent significant changes, primarily to incorporate heavier materials and fabric in order to provide increased structural strength and sturdiness. Aerodynamic refinements were made as well, particularly in the area of controlling airspeed. Today, nearly every major airline manufacturer operates at least one type of aircraft. There are several types of aircraft, including military aircraft, commercial aircraft, and aircraft for sale to the general public.

Commercial aerospace companies around the world cater to a wide variety of customers, from manufacturers and suppliers of satellite and aeronautical technologies to airlines and space flight participants. Russia is a leading producer of both commercial and military aircraft, although the U.S. and Europe are close competitors. A number of European countries, including Germany, France, and Spain, manufacture and support a variety of commercial aerospace companies. Russia, much like the U.S., also manufactures both military and commercial aircraft. Some smaller countries in central and southern Europe, such as Romania and Ukraine, also produce aircraft, though they tend to be smaller versions of those manufactured in Russia. Many commercial aircraft in Europe are operated by private firms, and a few, such as Comair, are primarily operated by government-sponsored airline fleets.


Russia’s primary aerospace company is Roscosmos, which is based in Moscow. Most of the major Russian aerospace companies are either financially independent or have close ties to state-owned enterprises. Most significantly, however, are the Russian aircraft maker Sukhoi. Sukhoi manufactures the popular Russian Sukshma aircraft. In addition, it manufactures other aircraft and spacecraft, such as helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and its own space vehicle, the Space Shuttle.

The aerospace industry in Russia sees more upside-down than upside up. Most of the growth is coming from developing new launch vehicles and capsules. The development of these new launch vehicles has been slower than the overall launch rate, but that could change. Also, commercial and military aircraft are aging, both in terms of their design and their ability to fly. These vehicles will eventually need replacement.

Regardless of what type of aircraft you are interested in, whether it is for business or for pleasure, or if you just happen to be flying from one platform to another in the air, see that you have a qualified aerospace engineer on your team. See that they are properly trained and that they can help you achieve the goals that you have for your project. A good engineer can help you design the aircraft, as well as help you install it, maintain it, and upgrade its components, once it is in the air. An aerospace engineering degree may be exactly what you need to turn your idea into a reality, flying in the sky.

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