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Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Email server

An email hosting server is an Internet-based email server that runs email servers on the Internet for users. It is used by individuals, businesses, and even the government for running email servers in bulk. It serves many purposes and is available in many forms. Email hosting servers provide email services to clients of the website in a highly functional and scalable manner. Users can install applications, install security measures, and create and access emails.

One may need to upgrade the existing storage capacity of their server in case of expanding business. Similarly, the user can also opt for purchasing additional storage space from a third-party email hosting provider. Alternatively, users may need to increase their capacity for managing large volumes of emails. The choice depends on the requirements of the individual or company.

Email hosting packages offered by different providers have various offerings. Email hosting packages are either free or paid. The difference between the two is the amount of storage space provided for free and paid hosting packages. Paid hosting packages have a monthly starting price and storage space is directly added to them at the time of purchase.


Free email hosting services have limited storage space and no security measures. Therefore, there is no recovery or redundancy of data in such cases. Therefore, free accounts are mostly used by non-commercial organizations. The cost involved in purchasing the same service on a paid basis is much higher than the cost of a free account. Hence, a small business would prefer to use email services provided by a paid hosting package as it provides adequate customer support and storage space.

An individual can search for a reputed and good web hosting provider by conducting a thorough search online. The first thing that the user should look for while selecting a reputed web hosting provider is the availability of various bandwidth and disk space options with the plan. A web hosting provider offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth is preferable as a client should be able to upload the required data to the webserver. An email address registered with such a provider would ensure that the client is able to access his/her email on the internet. The email hosting services would offer all the basic facilities such as the sending of emails, reading emails, adding friends and relatives, and viewing the internet through a web browser.

Before opting for email hosting, the user must also check whether the service provider offers some extra services like spam filtering, spam filtering, anti-spam filtering, and IP monitoring. All three features are important since they help to ensure that the users send only emails that are safe from any unwanted attention. A free provider would not offer any such additional services apart from the basic features such as email addresses and a web server.

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