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Energy Technologies You Can Invest In

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Energy Technologies are changing our way of life. One such technology is Heat Energy which converts heat energy into mechanical energy. If you do not have access to sunshine, wind, and water then you will be relying on electricity to meet your power needs. Heat Energy is one of the 10 emerging energy technologies you can invest in today.

Thermal Energy involves using heated water or air to produce mechanical energy. Examples of Thermal Energy Technologies include solar panels and geothermal technologies. Solar panels use photovoltaic cells (solar cells) to harvest energy from sunlight. The sun’s light can be converted into electricity by the use of solar collectors. In this way, solar panels can use the sun’s rays to power a home.

As mentioned before one of the 10 emerging energy technologies you can invest in is battery storage. Battery Storage systems help cars to go longer distances, they run smoother and they reduce the wear and tear on the engine. The initial investment for some may be expensive but over time the payoff can be substantial. However, there are many factors to consider when investing in Battery Storage Systems, one being cost. It is important to remember that battery storage only works where there is availability and there is plenty of wind or sun.

Another one of the 10 energy technologies you can invest in is the creation of a green alternative energy technology. There are many researchers looking at ways to create energy using natural resources. For example, research is underway at the University of Illinois College of Engineering to create an energy generator that could supply power to campuses if it were up to the challenge. This project is being funded through a grant from the government.

These are just a few of the many energy technologies you can invest in today. Of course, the oil will always be a part of our society and there are many ways to get it. In addition, there are new technologies to help us convert our fossil fuel use to electricity and heat. Some of these technologies already exist but are only now getting underway.

For example, researchers have designed a new kind of solar cell which allows electricity to be made from water. They call it a Photosynthesized Free Energy Cell. Another renewable energy technology is focused on storing heat. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have invented a material which when exposed to heat, becomes water, and when cool can produce electricity. One more research area in energy technology is researching how to make hydrogen fuel cells.

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