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How To Choose A Career Path In Medical Laboratory Technology

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Medical Laboratory Technology is defined as the application of scientific principles to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The field of medical laboratory technology has developed into a vast area involving both general and specific laboratory techniques. A medical laboratory is a specialized lab where numerous tests are performed on various clinical specimens to gain information on the health of an individual to help in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease. These may include physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, and X-rays to name a few. Different diagnostic tests carry varying degrees of accuracy depending on their particular purposes and characteristics.

There are a number of schools, colleges, universities, and training organizations that offer courses on medical laboratory technology. Some programs will allow students to complete their degrees in as little as twelve months while others take as long as one year. The curriculum will include classes related to anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, diagnostic procedures, medical ethics, pharmacology, statistics, computer science, and patient education. Some schools and colleges also offer short courses in medical laboratory techniques that can be completed in less than eight weeks. Many programs are available through medical laboratories that offer certificate programs, associate degrees, and continuing education credits for professionals looking to advance their medical laboratory technician careers. Some schools and colleges even have programs with an intensive focus on medical laboratory technology.

If you are considering a certificate or advanced degree in this area, you will need to apply for licensure upon completion of your course of study. Application for licensure can usually be done online through your school or through the Medical Laboratory Technology Association. Upon completion of your education and the submission of your completed application, you will be awarded your certificate or advanced certificate. In some states, you will have to pass a test administered by the State Board of Medicine before you are able to take the licensing exam. These tests may vary from state to state.

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If you would like to earn a bachelor’s in medical laboratory technology, the minimum grade in order to get the degree is a 3.0 GPA. You can find information about obtaining a bachelor’s degree in this field by contacting your state’s department of education. In most states, associate’s degrees are not awarded to students who are not already registered in a bachelor’s program. An associate’s degree does not grant additional credits for the skills learned in medical school, but it does give students the opportunity to pursue higher-level degree programs.

Students who are working towards earning their bachelor’s degree in this field may choose to pursue either an mlt technician 2-year or mlt technician 4-year degree. Each one of these programs has its own unique curriculum, but students must complete a minimum of two years of course work in order to be eligible for admission into either of these accredited career programs. The program requirements often require that students have completed at least two years of a nursing career, which may be from an accredited university or community college. Some schools may also require students to have taken part in a medical assisting program as well.

Students who are looking to pursue an Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology can find many opportunities available to them on their own within their community. There are a number of colleges and universities that offer these types of programs and often they will have campus programs located in the area where the student hopes to complete his or her degree. Some of these schools even have specific paths within the school that lead to these types of rewarding careers. However, the most important thing to remember when choosing a path within this field is to pick something that will give you the experience that you need in order to land the job that you want once you graduate from college.

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