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Meet Talkshow App, the Latest App that let you Text in Public




A new text message known as Talkshow App is the latest viral app on the internet for its concept: look like “texting on public.”

The iOS- app lets you host message-based “Talkshows” about many different topics, from politics and sports to music and TV. People alert followers whenever a Talkshow is alive and encourage anyone who is watching to post GIFs and reactions, send message or join in as a co-host. It look like texting periscope.

Founder Michael Sippey stated in a blog post that the concept gets inspiration from a conversation Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift that was posted online.

“Individuals have been screenshotting texts and posting them online for many years, but it was Instagram pic Taylor Swift posted of a talk with Ed Sheeran that pushed me to come up with Talkshow,” he said.

“The Tay and Ed’s little exchange was funny, and their conversation was relatable. Reason? All people text. And people can text about everything: TV, politics and sports, Beyonce’s Lemonade, what are eating for dinner, or Damn Daniel. I wanted to make come up with Talkshow to give interested people a platform to share conversations before an audience”, Michael Slippey added.

After attracting a lot of attention on Twitter, the application became very buggy, with people unable to open it after downloading.

The app enable people to see the public text messaging chats in real time or after wrapping of the Talkshow; it can also be embedded on other websites and shared outside the application.

After you download the app, you will find friends on the application via Facebook, email contacts and Twitter. To start a show, just pick your host, choose a title and a notification will be available to the followers. The app also allows you to notice live Talkshows from its homescreen and join. If you feel you want to be a co-host, you are required to send a request.

The major difference between Twitter and Talkshow is that while all the conversations on Talkshow can be viewed in public, only friends you invite can chime in. On Twitter, all the chats take place in public and any person can hit the reply button and join in. In other words, randos can’t access your chats on Talkshow as they can on Twitter. When a request is made, it’s up to the conversation host whether or not to let any person join. If a person start to annoy, the application provides way to stop someone from seeing or following your conversation.

Talkshow tend to work well for people who are experiencing the same thing at the same time — for instance, the NBA playoffs. It more fun when the people participating in the conversation are quite knowledgeable about a given topic. It as if you are watching MST3K on your phone, but in a text format.

Talkshow also allows you to add pictures and emoji. If you have a custom keyboard, you can add all types of stuff.

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