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Press Releases For the Public Relations Officer

Hillary Cyril



Public Relations

Press Releases are written documents that provide information regarding events occurring or statements made by certain individuals. A press release is a written statement delivered orally to members of the media for the sole purpose of making an announcement, making official statements, or providing details on a specific event. These releases must be written in the third person, and contain factual information about the subject matter being covered. It is often submitted to news agencies for publication or broadcast. While many news agencies require a news release to be submitted before a story can be run, some do not.

The importance of writing good press releases cannot be stressed enough. A poorly written press release will not only put your company or organization in a bad light but will have an adverse effect on the reporters covering your story. Good press releases, when properly written and properly distributed, will send the intended message to the target audience. However, writing good press releases isn’t as simple as following some basic guidelines. Press releases must be written in the third person, they must be brief, concise, and well organized, they should be written in an accurate and precise way, and they should provide accurate and complete information.

There are many different styles of writing press releases, and not all news reporters and editors are familiar with all of them. For example, not all news reporters are knowledgeable about the background of a corporation’s executives, so they will most likely skip over such information or include it in a fairly limited manner. Likewise, not all journalists understand how to write a captivating headline, which is often the deciding factor in whether or not a story is printed or broadcast. A catchy headline is usually what determines whether or not a story is published or broadcasted.


For example, if you were advertising a new product on your company’s Web site, your headline would likely read something like “new product details coming soon.” That statement is very short and simple, yet it is so powerful. It communicates to the reader that you have just introduced a new product line to your company. The story then will be more interesting because of this introduction and subsequent newsworthy material, especially if it involves some sort of new product or new marketing strategy.

In addition to good headlines and well-written press releases, a company must also take advantage of good, fresh content in order to maximize the amount of Internet exposure it receives. Content producers are a group of professional writers who help companies create compelling news stories and other Internet content. In order to build public relations, it is vital that the content of your company’s Web site is always fresh and current. If you only look to other sources for new content, you may miss opportunities to build your own reputation on the Internet.

Although the Internet is a great place to make your presence known, it is important to remember that your public relations efforts should still focus on making your company likable by showing off the best aspects of your products or services. Many people look to news organizations for honest and intelligent reporting, but there is much more at stake than simply pleasing the average journalist. Honesty and intelligence are two of the most important characteristics of a good press release. When writing press releases, it is important to remember that journalists know more about writing news articles than anyone else out there, and they need to be offered a great deal of attention and care.

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