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Some Interesting Features of Web Conferencing

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Web Conferencing is a convenient option for effective communication during business travel or business meetings. It offers a cost-efficient alternative to costly travel, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and personal interviews. Web conferencing consists of live audio and video transmissions from one location to another. The participants need only to click their remote controls to participate in the meeting. Web conferencing services provide all the features necessary for an efficient business meeting.

Web conferencing provides users with increased mobility, while simultaneously improving efficiency and reducing expenses. Web conference calls allow for real-time conversation, with no need for a translation service, translation software, or headsets. With web conferencing, you can have group discussions, document sharing, audio, and video conferences, as well as phone calls simultaneously with your desktop computer. Now you can easily share your presentations and documents with other colleagues, in the comfort of your own office or home.

Web Conferencing helps ineffective teamwork and facilitates quick feedback to team members and clientele. Web conferencing applications enable simultaneous audio and video transmissions, while simultaneously allowing the user to dial a toll-free number, and make voice messages. Many web conferencing services also provide automated customer support, which helps users with common questions and issues related to the programs. This customer support feature eliminates the hassles involved in calling up a customer support representative for customer-related issues.

Video Conferencing: Video conferencing enables you to communicate with others, even when they are situated miles apart. The most popular way of video conferencing includes a webcam, which is very easy to use, safe, and allows the participants to see each other. A video conference is a real-time interactive session where two or more individuals can visually discuss and work together on a common project, issue or goal. Web collaboration helps companies and educational institutions to save money on travel expenses, accommodation, and the cost of management training.

Webinars are a set of telephonic discussions that allow a group of people to meet and hold regular meetings, training, conferences, and other interactive sessions with the help of the Internet. A Webinar can be delivered by email, telephone, or VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The webinar host uses a webcam to show slides or videos and makes it possible for everyone in the group to see the presentations on their screen at the same time. Presentations can be recorded as well, but there is no need to do so, as all presentations are available for everyone to watch at any time from any place, as long as they have access to the Internet.

Screen Sharing: It is a great feature of many web conferencing applications, where all the participants can see the computer screen of one or more participants. The screen sharing feature allows you to present text or photos on the screen of someone else, who is also a participant, by using a special application for net conferencing. All the participants need is a good webcam, a good quality computer and a high-speed Internet connection for the web conference to work properly. You can share all the slides or videos with everyone or just a few select people.

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