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Understanding the Innovations and Creative Technologies Fields

Hillary Cyril



Creative Technologies are tools and techniques used by individuals in the creative industries. In the last few years, there has been a proliferation of Internet-based technologies that have enabled people to create amazing results and innovations. Creative industries are all about coming up with new ways of doing things. This can be done by utilizing the most current technologies and by merging the practices of different disciplines. There is no limit as to what one can achieve when one combines different creative technologies. Creativity is the ability to think outside the box and so it should not be surprising if one comes up with a new innovative idea in the creative industry.

Creative Technologies is a transdisciplinary and broad field merging arts, computer science, information technology, and creative design. The field of creative technologies encompasses art, web design, computer art, graphic design, video art, computer-aided design, or an advertisement and online project designed using software-based, data-driven, or electronic engineering. These emerging technologies open up endless avenues for creative people to express themselves. The ability to use the latest in technology to come up with new ideas and products is a tremendous advantage. With the help of the right software, one can design a website, create unique content, develop an online store, launch a product on an online auction site, etc. And all these can be done in the comfort of your home.

Another important area of Creative Technologies is Visual Arts. This includes drawing, painting, photography, film making, installation art, dance, multimedia, and visual arts. Visual arts cover a very wide range of interests such as fine arts, museum studies, children’s arts, professional practice, and creative research. Visual arts students are usually drawn towards the areas of theatre, television, film production, music, and visual arts.

Computer Science is another emerging subject area where creative technologies have played an important role. There has been a rapid growth of information technology departments in colleges and universities. Courses include computer systems, software engineering, database management, and. The three-dimensional graphics applications and animation are other areas in which students have demonstrated interest. Computer science majors are normally major in subjects such as mathematics, physics, and artificial intelligence.

One other emerging subject area is the application of lateral thinking in creative technologies. This involves applying knowledge of one’s own culture, history, geography, and society to novel means of expression. It also includes the study of communication technologies such as visual arts, recorded media and theatre, interactive technology, new media, and non-traditional media in relation to creativity.

In conclusion, we can say that there has been a continuous development of new media and creative technologies in the last decade. Most creative individuals need to have a clear idea of what they want their creations to communicate about and how to communicate it. A clear and passionate vision drives the process of innovation and creation.

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