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What Is An Informal Bachelor Of Technology Degree?

Hillary Cyril




A Bachelor Of Technology is a four-year academic degree conferring upon an individual who has completed a course of study in a technical field or science. A Bachelor Of Technology has similar educational qualifications to a Bachelor Of Science but has additional professional training and specialized knowledge. Unlike a Bachelor Of Arts Degree which has no academic qualification, a Bachelor Of Technology must earn his matriculation from a University. Also, while studying for this degree, Bachelor Of Technology candidates are normally required to complete their thesis.

An undergraduate engineering technology degree is usually awarded after four years of schooling at a college or university. The subjects covered by a Bachelor Of Technology course are mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. Subjects taken up for this course are Introduction To Mathematics, Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Analysis, Probability, statistics, and calculus. One may also choose to take up courses in applied sciences and mathematics, which include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The Bachelor Of Technology Degree prepares students to enter the fast-growing field of engineering technology.

Once a person completes his four-year bachelor’s degree, he/she can opt for a further two-year degree known as a Master Of Technology (M. Tech.) which is a combination of Bachelor Of Technology and Bachelor Of Arts Degree. It takes up to six years to complete a full Masters Of Technology program, as compared to the customary four years of Bachelor Of Technology. A person may complete his/her master’s degree in any chosen area of computer science, applied science, math, electronics, mathematics, and computer engineering.


An individual’s educational preparation can be carried out at any number of universities across the nation. The courses offered by the BTT are calculated on the basis of the number of credits an applicant holds. For instance, a Bachelor Of Technology program usually has courses that carry a total of twelve credit hours or a maximum of eighteen credit hours. There are also some institutes that allow applicants to opt for fewer credit hours by paying a higher tuition fee. This would mean that a Bachelor Of Technology Degree would be suitable for candidates who have a limited amount of time and who are seeking more specialization. The institute offering the bachelor’s degree program determines the course offerings as per the needs of the students and the demand for the course.

The Bachelor Of Technology Accreditation is provided by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and The Middle States Institute for Technology Accreditation (MSITA). Both these associations seek to ensure the quality of education and training that emanates from their accredited colleges and universities. They also guarantee that the programs provided by their colleges and universities meet or exceed minimum educational and technical standards that are currently held by institutions of higher learning throughout the US. In order to become eligible for one of these diploma programs, applicants holding an Associate’s Bachelor Of Science Or Bachelor Of Arts Degree in any discipline must already have a high school diploma.

While a Bachelor Of Technology offers many benefits to those who are interested in pursuing this degree, there are certain limitations as well. These degrees are very highly sought after by employers, and thus are almost 100 percent approved by them. Since information technology has become such a crucial part of business operations nowadays, almost every job vacancy involves the installation of some sort of computer system. Because of this, it is important for students to acquire this degree.

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