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What is Xamarin and why you shoud consider it as an option for your App Development




Business is a tough process of taking the right decisions. It can be about recruiting new staff, buying new hardware or launching an app. Have you noticed the recent tendency of a high importance of an app development for a business? We, at Glorium Technologies, have and the infographics in this article will explain more.

By helping other companies with their IT solutions, we know how hard it is for the people out-of-the-tech-field to make the right choice. So, we decided to help them with it and created an infographic explaining what platform suits just great for a business app development.

When one decides to get his/her mobile idea into life, usually, they face two options: native and hybrid app development.  They both have their own pros and cons. The former, for instance, can boast of perfect performance and user experience, full access to the app feature, and native UI.

However, when it comes to the time and money needed for the implementation, the situation is not so good. Native is long and expensive. Hybrid development is fast and pretty cheap. It lacks though in access to the app APIs, user experience and native interface. As a result, the choice is really hard.

There is still a way out and we see it in Xamarin development. The main feature of Xamarin is its letting developers share up to 90% of non-interface code across iOS, Android, and Windows.

Where is the profit for a business, you will ask. It’s easy, you get a native app to all iOS, Android, and Windows, with excellent performance, and full access to the app features, by hiring only one developer instead of three. This is possible due to the fact that only one language is used for Xamarin – C#.

So, code is written only on C#. As a result, time-to-market of an app is substantially decreased.
Plus, Xamarin provides its clients with Test and Insights services that test an app like real users and can track real-time information. It is extremely convenient as it minimizes specialists involvement and again cut time and cost spent on the development process.

So, if you are about to praise your business with an app development, Xamarin is a great solution. For more details, check Xamarin-development on See the Infographics for more explanation.

Xamarin App Development

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