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Why Qualcomm and Spacex Are Among the Top Technology Companies in the US

Hillary Cyril




As we move into the next decade there are going to be quite a few technology companies that will be having a chance to compete with some of the bigger name companies that will be positioned on the OTC (over the counter) market. One of the companies that are positioned to benefit from this change is Nintendo. The gaming division of the company has been a constant force for a number of years and is positioned to continue being a major force in the technology sector in the future.

The other three technology companies listed above also have strong positions in the gaming industry and all of them would love to see Nintendo take its place as one of the major players in the computer and gaming sector. The company has recently seen a new CEO who is coming into the role after the departure of former CEO and Chairwoman Mr. Nintendo himself. This move has not only increased Nintendo’s stock price but the overall value of the company’s shares which are now worth over $7 Billion. Due to this increase in value, the overall gross profit margin for Nintendo has also been raised.

Another one of the technology leaders that is positioned to benefit from this change is Cisco. Cisco is currently one of the more important companies in the home network industry. Cisco is one of the largest networking companies in the world and also has a very strong revenue margin. Because of these reasons American tech companies like Microsoft, Cisco and others stand to benefit greatly from this sector given the fact that they are all positioned to benefit from the expanding home network market.

Gaming technology

It should be noted that many graduates from business schools will find that they have a number of options to choose from when looking to make their career in technology. Some options might be positions at larger companies such as Cisco or Microsoft while other graduates will be looking to start their own venture. The top technology companies to work for in 2021 will be those that can demonstrate they are positioned to take advantage of new technologies and expand their business into new markets. It will be up to these graduates to show that they are up to speed on new technologies, especially ones that are related to software applications.

There are two technology companies that are believed to be the next top employers in the United States; therefore it follows that many graduates will be looking to obtain jobs with these companies. Two positions that are believed to be popular with recent graduates are those of astronauts and pilots. Both jobs require plenty of scientific background, extensive training, and an ability to handle pressure. Although it has not yet been confirmed which specific company NASA will hire to carry out the missions for them it is assumed that both Qualcomm and Spacex will feature heavily in the plans. Both companies have received high marks in several different areas and both are thought to be among the best in the business when it comes to astronautical and space flight operations.

In terms of other American technology companies to work for in the nation, a number of smaller corporations have emerged in recent years. The most prominent of these is Netflix Inc., which is based in California. The corporation has expanded into several other countries across the world and despite the fact that Netflix has only been in operation for a short time it has established a firm place among consumers that prefer on-demand viewing of videos. A recent study by ComScore Media Ratings claimed that Netflix had the highest number of subscriptions from cable or satellite providers in the US, Canada, and the UK, with Amazon also coming in close behind.

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