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Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




Tech Event creates innovative computing technologies and information systems for large events and conferences. It covers different fields like fashion, cinema, computer science, interior design, and engineering. It also covers creative fields like video games, science fiction, animation, computer programming, and game design. The conference is arranged to bring together the best minds and professionals in the IT sector to share their research and experiment. This is done to develop new technologies. Conference organizers select a shortlist of experts from various fields and assign conference dates.

To make your conference a success you have to ensure that there is plenty of technical personnel present. A lot of conferences have problems associated with technical staff not being available at times. If there is no availability of tech staff at the time of the conference you are losing a lot of time. To ensure that your staff members are present it should be planned and decided in advance. If planning for in-person conferences is going to be a problem you can also organize online conferences. This option will save money and give you enough time to fix the minute problems that might occur.

Try and incorporate tech events in the year when you are celebrating something or achieving some milestone. For example, you can celebrate the first day of your company using technology. Similarly, you can plan a tech event during the launch of new software or hardware. In all such cases, attending the conference is a good idea.


If your company is planning to hold its annual tech event in the near future you must look for the ideal conference date. Some years back, the best time to hold an event is after the end of a particular year. However, with the advancement of technology, it is difficult to determine the date of the future. According to my opinion, the best time to hold a fintech conference is before the end of a particular year in which half of the attendees are already aged 65 and above. This will also help you to determine the appropriate level of attendees.

Tech events are highly beneficial for those who are interested in the latest technologies. One great way of ensuring that the attendees enjoy their stay at the conference is by offering to rotate the technology groups. Technology groups can be rotated so that some may prefer to focus on technology from the past, while others may choose to be more hands-on while learning about new technologies. By doing this, you ensure that everyone has a common platform and no one feels left out. The rotating of the tech groups also ensures that there is no monotony among the teams. The idea is to have a rotating cast of techno gurus to speak at the conference and keep the attendees engaged.

Apart from trying to attract new talent through the internet, you can also host a seminar at the venue. A seminar is a great way to educate your attendee about new technology. Although it is important to note that in most cases attending the seminar in person can be more advantageous. In fact, if you can manage to hold a seminar at the venue itself, it will make it easier to get the people who have been invited to attend to actually go there! You can also create a buzz at the event by inviting industry heavyweights to speak at the seminar. They may not want to come to the tech event but they may be impressed by what is going on and may wish to do some more consulting.

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