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CampaignTrackly – A Smarter Easier Way To Track The Success of Your Campaign.




CampaignTrackly  is a startup SAAS application from Leafwire Digital that provides a wizard-based UI for automated generation and concatenating of UTM parameters (codes) to webpage addresses (URLs) used by businesses to track the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns across promotional channels and media.

Adding UTM (Urchin Traffic Monitor) parameters to URLs enables web analytics software tools, such as Google Analytics and Kissmetrics to report which campaign is generating website traffic, conversions and revenue. Due to the custom and highly individualised nature of every marketing campaign, for the most part the process of generating and adding the UTM parameters is manual and spreadsheet-heavy:

“Managing the UTM parameters for a single URL is fine. Working with many quickly becomes unmanageable. One of the main things that goes wrong with manual campaign tracking is the inconsistent use of UTM parameters, resulting in intersection spaghetti data.”
– Jane Morgan,

CampaignTrackly automates the steps of creating, using and re-using UTM parameter names, as well as auto-concatenates and agglutinates all the parameters of use for a particular campaign to the URL(s) of the web page(s) used to promote the campaign.

CampaignTrackly was built using PHP & MySQL and was released to the public in July of 2016. It was built by Leafwire Digital’s Milena Mitova and her team. It is described by its creator as:

“a web service that is built to reduce significantly UTM tagging time and fully automate the way marketers generate tracking links, creating and shortening them in bulk in a manner of seconds.”

– Official Leafier Digital Blog.
The tool represents an advanced version of the original Google URL builder that was created by Google in the early 2000s to enable marketing specialists to manually build UTM tracking URLs in an era when there were very few online promotional channels.

In addition to introducing auto-UTM-tagging, the tool features a complete campaign dashboard and uses Google and BitLy’s API functionalities to make it easier for marketers to connect with their Google Analytics and accounts to minimize the time needed to review analytics reports and shorten UTM tracking links. Its own API can be used to integrate the service into other online marketing services.

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