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Custom Splashbacks Transform Your Home with A Personal Touch.




 The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, a place not just for cooking but for gathering, sharing, and creating memories. Given its central role, it makes sense why many homeowners seek to make their kitchens as welcoming and stylish as possible. One of the standout ways to achieve this is by installing custom glass kitchen splashbacks, which offer a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal that can dramatically transform any kitchen space.

Why Choose Glass Splashbacks?

Glass splashbacks are toughened glass installed on the wall behind your kitchen countertops, stove, or sink. Their primary purpose is to protect the walls from splashes, stains, and heat, but they also serve a significant aesthetic function. Unlike traditional tile and grout, glass splashbacks have a sleek and seamless finish that adds a modern touch to your kitchen. They are straightforward to clean—just a wipe down with a cloth—and do not harbour bacteria or mould, making them a hygienic option for your cooking space.

The Power of Personalisation

The natural charm of glass splashbacks lies in their limitless customisation options. Whether you prefer a splashback that complements your existing décor or one that stands out as a statement piece, the flexibility of glass allows you to personalise your kitchen in any number of ways. Here’s how:

  1. Colour Choices: You can choose from a virtually endless palette of colours for a glass splashback. Whether you need a vibrant red to add energy to your kitchen or a soft blue that soothes, the colour can be matched precisely to your specifications. This is done either through back-painting clear glass or using coloured glass. The colour coating is applied to the back of the glass, ensuring the colour pops and protecting the paint from wear and tear.
  2. Printed Designs: Technological advances have made it possible to print any design directly onto the glass. This means you can opt for patterns, images, or even personal photographs to be displayed in your kitchen. Imagine a stunning beach scene, a geometric pattern, or a delicate floral design sprawling across your walls, turning them into art.
  3. Textures and Finishes: Glass doesn’t have to be purely smooth. Textured finishes can add depth and character to your splashback. Finishes such as frosted, etched, or tinted glass can also provide varying levels of transparency and light diffusion, contributing further to the mood and style of your kitchen.
  4. LED Lighting: Integrating LED lighting into your glass splashback can elevate the ambience of your kitchen. The lights can be installed behind the splashbacks to highlight the glass and illuminate the splashback, creating a glowing effect that can be colour-tuned to match or contrast the splashback colour.

Practical Considerations

While the design possibilities are exciting, it’s also essential to consider the practical aspects of installing a glass splashback:

  • Measurements and Fitting: Glass splashbacks need to be measured and cut precisely, especially around areas like sockets, switches, and fixtures. Professional installation is recommended to ensure that the splashback fits perfectly and is safely secured.
  • Thickness and Safety: The glass used in splashbacks is toughened or tempered, meaning it is heat resistant and will not shatter under normal kitchen conditions. Typically, the glass is about 6mm thick, which provides robust protection against bumps and knocks.
  • Maintenance: Glass splashbacks are low maintenance. They do not need special cleaners and are resistant to most scratches. However, using non-abrasive cleaning tools is advisable to maintain the shine and prevent superficial scratches.

Transforming Your Kitchen

A custom glass splashback can act as the centrepiece of your kitchen or subtly enhance the existing elements of the room. Choosing a personalised design creates a unique space that reflects your tastes and personality. Whether undertaking a complete kitchen renovation or simply updating your walls, a custom splashback is a surefire way to add a touch of sophistication and practicality.


Few changes in kitchen renovations have as immediate and striking an impact as adding a custom glass splashback. Not only does it protect your walls with a sleek, hygienic surface, but it also offers a canvas for personal expression. From bold colours and bespoke images to sophisticated lighting effects, the options are limitless but always tailored to your vision. Transform your kitchen into a vibrant space that inspires creativity and comfort, reflecting your needs and style.

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