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WiMi Stock News and Forecast: Watch out below if WIMI breaks $7

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It can be seen that the metauniverse, Web3.0, virtual human and other technological concepts appear frequently, and the government is also paying close attention to the metauniverse, Web3.0, etc. In January this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said at a press conference on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to cultivate several innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging fields such as metaverse, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. So far, the governments of 17 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xiamen, have expressed support for the development of emerging industries in the Metaverse.

In recent years, metaverse, Web3.0, and virtual people have gradually become an emerging “blue ocean” track. In this wave of entrepreneurship, a large number of related financing news has flooded around the world, and many well-known large companies have successively joined in, which has attracted a wave of attention. Of course, to understand what they’re doing, you need to understand what these technological concepts are.

What is a metaverse?

Metaverse leads scientific and technological innovation, multi-party into the metaverse, a broad market prospect is about to break out. What is a metaverse? metaverse is defined as a virtual space that is parallel to the real world and independent of the real world, and it is the integration of a variety of disruptive technological innovations. It transforms the digital and real-world presence into a hybrid format that connects technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), AR, AI, and space technology to an immersive digital environment.

The layout of metaverse has become the subsequent power direction of Internet enterprises, which can empower enterprises to extend their life cycle. Through the layout of metaverse ecology, Internet enterprises can integrate entertainment, education, office, retail and other user scenarios, realize the connection of user consumption and other behavior chains, deeply tap the user consumption potential, improve user engagement, and extend the use frequency and duration of users.metaverse brings a trillion-level incremental market that will empower all industries in the future. In addition to the Internet platform, it also include terminal hardware providers, operators and content parties.

What is Web3.0?

Web3.0, is the next-generation Internet concept or model. However, at different levels, they all have a different understanding of Web3.0. The Internet is usually initially called as Web1.0, while the birth of social networks is the beginning of Web2.0, meaning that users can produce their own content on the platform and interact. Web3.0 emphasizes that the content and the value it generates belong to the user himself.

In short, Web3.0 integrates the characteristics of Web1.0 and Web2.0 to realize both information sharing and interaction. More importantly, the user is the holder of the value or the corresponding assets. At the same time, compared to the original concept of Web2.0 platform economy, Web3.0 is further highlighted as decentralized, open, and credible. The decentralized Internet form of Web 3.0 will bring major changes to all walks of life, derive new organizations and industry forms, or open the era of the combination of virtual and real things and the interconnection of everything.

All of the top five tech companies in the United States are currently planning for Web3.0. Amazon (AMZN)& Google (GOOG)are born from the Web3.0 boom because they are “cloud giants” (generally, every Web3 startup needs cloud services). The Meta (META) has also started to vigorously layout the track because it has found a “strong connection” between Web3.0 and social networking. As the top leader in the global technology industry, Apple (AAPL) will not ignore Web3.0 technology and trend.

What is a virtual person?


Virtual human “virtual” refers to exist in the unphysical world, refers to be created by graphics, artificial intelligence, motion capture, speech synthesis and other technical means. With the improvement of concepts and technology, the appearance and types of virtual people are also more diverse. Currently, a virtual person can be classified into algorithm-driven and human-driven, 2D and 3D, service and identity digital by the business model. No matter what kind of virtual digital person, its production goes through three links, namely image generation, animation generation, and voice generation, thus giving virtual people the ability to look, act, and dialogue.

As an emerging subculture, virtual people have pleasing personality designs and absolute appearance advantages. “Virtual idols that never collapse houses” has attracted a large number of young people, especially among consumers in the Z era. With the hot support of the metaverse concept, “virtual people” has a richer and more novel way to open it, so the application prospect of virtual people and their industry development is very broad. Data show that at present, there are more than 386,000 related virtual people enterprises, and the industry has wholly entered the outbreak period. From the perspective of enterprise registered capital, more than 70% of enterprises reported capital within 5 million yuan; from the perspective of enterprise establishment time, nearly 90% of enterprises established within 5 years, 57.54% established within 1 year, the sunrise nature of the industry. 

WIMI Hologram Cloud leads scientific and technological innovation in many ways

Metaverse, Web3.0, and virtual human track are highly popular in the market. More and more “technology giants” enter the game, among which, technology giant WIMI Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ: WIMI) has actively laid out a number of trendings to attract market attention. It is reported that the company has deepened the layout of the holographic AR field, accumulated a lot of industry experience over the years, and built a one-stop solution provision capability, far ahead in the world. At present, the company’s layout of commercial application scenarios is mainly concentrated in home entertainment, optical theater, performing arts systems, commercial release systems, advertising, and display system, and other five professional fields.

In addition, WIMI Hologram Cloud announced the establishment of the metaverse division to bet more on the metaverse concept. The division has established corporate businesses, including software and hardware. The establishment of a metaverse business department means that WIMI Hologram Cloud has accumulated a certain foundation in the metaverse experience level, requiring a unified organization to conduct better division of labor and cooperation, and apply more applications in entertainment, social, online retail, education and telecommuting.

At present, users love virtual people. In the long run, some groups will choose to enter the metaverse in the future and interact more deeply with virtual people. WIMI Hologram Cloud has then invested a lot of time and energy to make breakthroughs layer by layer from the underlying technology and the core algorithm, and has made significant progress in many key technology fields such as virtual human body 3 d reconstruction and realistic graphics rendering. In addition, WIMI Hologram Cloud has also created nearly 5,000 virtual human IP, constantly bringing forth the new, from external to internal, from gorgeous performances to real capabilities, fully catering to the aesthetic and consumer needs of Generation Z, and creating more and more commercial application scenarios.

Web3.0 As an emerging industry, WIMI Hologram Cloud is also trying to combine its business with Web3.0. For now, Web3.0 can be combined with AR and VR; another related business may be combined with NFT. The NFT-based creator economy has been recognized by more and more video and audio giants, and Disney (DIS) has made more and more attempts and explorations this year. WIMI Hologram Cloud enables users to own and control all the content they create in the form of NFT, creating a decentralized platform.


According to the above analysis, this paper explores the ecological layout of WIMI Hologram Cloud in the hot track in multiple current boom trends. With the continuous development and application of metaverse, Web3.0, and virtual people, the future of global traditional technology and Internet giants will encounter a large number of new rivals, as well as more fierce competition. At that time, the traditional Internet monopoly and fragmented competition mode will be broken, so that users can have the value and dividend of the Internet, and build up a brand-new Internet model and pattern. But it’s worth noting that the technological revolution is always the focus of either Web3.0 or metaverse.

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