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Food Technology – Food Process Technology

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Food Tech

Food technology is a branch of food chemistry that mainly deals with the development, processing, quality improvement, and manufacture of food products using various scientific methods. It is one of the important aspects of the modern food industry. It includes all the latest technological advances in food manufacturing and processing. Food technology has made possible the production of more nutritious and delicious food products with less effort and waste. With the advent of various food technologies, the task of food scientists has become easier and their efforts made fruitful.

Preservatives, packaging, and storage are the three major components of food technology. These are very important to increase the life span and quality of the food items and thus they form an integral part of food science. In the field of food technology, preservation techniques are also significant. They contribute significantly to prolong the shelf life of vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy products.

Postgraduate Diploma in Food Technology gives you ample knowledge in various food science and technology concepts and their applications. If you have completed your graduation from a reputed college of recognized and accredited institution then you can obtain a postgraduate degree in this field. A good course consists of more than one year so that you gain a thorough understanding and practical understanding of all the course material and topics. The duration of a postgraduate program may differ from one institute to another.

Food Science

Many students choose to complete a postgraduate study in food technology so as to be prepared for a career in this field. You can opt for a two-year undergraduate program or a four-year graduate course. You can pursue a career as a student in a conventional school or as a postgraduate student at a university or college. If you have done a good course then you can also lookup for an internship in various establishments of food technologists.

According to the current job market, there is stiff demand for skilled and trained food technologists with adequate backgrounds in science, chemistry, and technology. To get an entry in this field, you need to acquire a minimum qualifying mark in subjects like mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics. The minimum qualifying marks are required to clear a written and all-important multiple-choice examination in this field. The examination for this course may vary from one institution to another.

In the course, you will learn various concepts in food science and technology. Some of the topics that you would study are microbiology, chemistry, electricity, and microelectronics, graphic design, microbiology and nutrition, pharmaceutical science, physiology, pharmacology, safety science, and food processing. After completing your graduation in a reputed institute of higher learning, you can apply for a job in any reputed institution of food processing as well as other food industries. You can also start your own business in this field if you are confident of becoming successful in your chosen profession.

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