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Harnessing a treasure trove of great ideas: Alliance University Chancellor on the changing face of private education

Professor Sudhir G Angur, Chancellor of Alliance University, talks about how advancements in the field of education are changing the learning scenario in India




Professor Sudhir G Angur, Chancellor of Alliance University, talks about how advancements in the field of education are changing the learning scenario in India

Education holds a primal role in the progress of a nation.’ A sound education system always helps in producing the best minds, which is the need of today’s expanding world. According to Professor Sudhir G Angur, Chancellor of Alliance University Bangalore, India is in a transition phase, and the education sector is no exception. In order to maintain a strong balance during the time of changes, it is imperative that educational institutions come out with innovations.

“As we step towards a globalized environment, advanced technology and infrastructure have begun to play a crucial role towards transforming the Indian education system, where private institutions are gaining momentum. Over the last few decades, methodology and syllabuses have gone through a major sea change,” says Chancellor Sudhir Angur.

He adds, “In order to be at par with the global education system, it is imperative that Indian system is upgraded. This is exactly where our country is excelling as more private bodies are coming up with educational institutions. Our country is on the ladder of growth, which, in the next few years, will take our system to another level all together.”

The Alliance University Chancellor cites various studies in support of his observation regarding infrastructural development leading to a better education system. Several studies have shown that the best way of communicating with students is through audio and video tools, as these methods allow better retention and recall.

And that’s what the Chancellor Sudhir Angur has been implementing at Alliance University. Set up in the year 2010 by Act No. 34 of the Karnataka State, Alliance University has emerged as a premier varsity in South India within a short span of time. The credit for the University’s phenomenal success lies with the excellent infrastructure and educational facilities it offers to the students.

Today, it’s not just about the ‘ease of education’, but also about the ‘ease of access’. Since more and more students are travelling miles for the right college/university and opting for accommodation with the university itself, the presence of multi-cuisine restaurant, gym and activity center, football and basketball courts, a well-equipped modern library etc has become imperative, especially for private institutions. 

“We, at Alliance University, believe in keeping up with the changing times and catering to the needs of today’s fast-changing world. Our aim is to prepare our students to face the cut-throat competition that exists in various walks of life, by providing them with the crème de la crème facilities and international collaborative assignments,” says the Chancellor.

With an able Chancellor at its helm, Alliance University boasts of its robust industry interactions and a magnificent infrastructure. The changing face of private education is surely harnessing a treasure trove of great ideas with premier student-focused universities emerging all over India.

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