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The Philadelphia Rapper Lab Spitta Drops the Grooviest Track of this Year ‘Vibes in the air’




The effect of the track ‘Vibes in the air’ by the Philadelphia rapper lab spitta is swimmy and certainly catchy. The audiences have showered the track with love.

Philadelphia, May 13, 2020 (  – There is something special and attractive about the performance of lab spitta in his tracks. And that specialty increases the intensity and magnificence of his track to a great degree of musical awesomeness, which is pretty soothing for the audience. A similar impact has been cast through the presentation of the track, ‘Vibes in the air’. The choice of elements of the track reflects the artistry of the creator. His performance along with brizzrawsteen and autumn has driven the rhythm of the track and also added warmth to the progression. The Philadelphia rapper has charmed the listeners with this track. 

Produced under Grand Gang Management, this track projects the use of some of the richest fragments of the genre. Each and every section of the track is impressive, leaving no loophole for the critics. The depth added by the used words makes the track even more relatable and worth going through several times. The kinetic arrangement of groovy bars makes the track subtle yet powerful. Vibes in the air’ is incredibly bewitching, and every moment will make you wonder about the artistry possessed by the performers. The impact of the track is enormous; the giant sections of sound make the track even more captivating. 

Every second of the presence of lab spitta makes the track louder than any other element, and the gorgeous sense of swirling just intensifies the ambiance, adding an irresistible flavor to the sonic bliss. The bass rains down the structural intricacies, while the sound design confines the presented elements, increasing the brightness of the overall arrangement, more than enough to have a blast. There is reality and freshness present within the rap sections, as impressive as demanded by the fans. Log in to the platform of SoundCloud for more such tracks from the artist. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more. 

Just go for this track ‘Vibes in the air’ by lab spitta :

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