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Top 9 Benefits Of Using AngularJS For Web and Mobile App Development




Still thinking, which frontend framework will be a better choice for a web development project? Angular Mobile App development is gaining a lot of attention in the market. It is a widely used JavaScript framework that provides excellent resources and flexibility. This platform offers high-performance management and drives better opportunities. Some noteworthy AngularJS features are:

  • The Model-View-Controller pattern makes the AngularJS component dynamic, easy, and versatile for the developers. The model section is responsible for managing the data, View handles the data displayed to the users, and Controller is the bridge between Model and View. 
  • It is open-source and free of cost platform used by a vast crowd in the market globally. 
  • The UI in AngularJS is built on HTML, which is a declarative language. HTML can be easily understood as it has shorter tags. 
  • AngularJS developers use the POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Objects) model. It does not need additional setter and getter elements to bind data sources with AngularJS. 
  • It supports two-way data binding, which automatically synchronizes the data between model and View. 
  • It is an efficient framework that helps in creating Rich Internet Applications 

Top 9+ Advantages of selecting AngularJS for mobile app development are

It saves A Lot of time

Projects that earlier took months with other frameworks can now be completed faster with AngularJS. It splits the app into the MVC components and does not need any additional coding. 

Easy to work with AngularJS 

This framework includes simple attributes in the HTML, which makes the development process easy. This makes the AngularJS developers get up and start running the application effortlessly. 

High Performance 

The simple usage, natural features, and robustness make a great development space for the AngularJS mobile app development. It has features like Filters, Animations, API Client, Form Validation, and more that make mobile app development faster. 

Reusability of code

AngularJS developers have the freedom to reuse the code that they have written before. This saves the time and efforts of the developer, which empowers web application development. 

Unit Testing Compatibility 

The whole AngularJS is linked with the Dependency Injection. The DI manages the scopes and controllers to transfer information. The unit tests can perform testing by injecting mock data in the Controller to measure output and behavior. 

Single Page Application Features 

The major reason for building SPA is to have a faster website transition. The website will communicate with the browsers by dynamically replacing the existing web page with the new server data. The page loads quickly, compatible with every platform, provides a better user experience and easy maintenance. 


This AngularJS feature allows developers to build custom HTML tags. These can also serve as custom widgets that help in manipulating DOM attributes. 

Google Support 

The AngularJS for mobile app development has excellent support from Google. Their skilled team helps in bringing new improvements to the AngularJS framework. It is an extensive network that is always available to resolve queries and give suggestions to the developers. 

Automatic Synchronization 

AngularJS seamlessly synchronizes the data between View and model. When the data is changed, modified, or updated, it updates automatically these two components in real-time. Earlier developers had to do this manually, which required extra effort and time consumption. 

Handle Bugs and Errors 

The latest Angular version has introduced various bug fixes and issues in the route, compiler, modules, core, and more. This helps in resolving the errors that will affect the mobile app performance. 


AngularJS mobile applications consume brief space on the devices. The latest technology and innovations have made the app faster. This ensures that the web pages are loading faster, and the user receives a better experience. 

Great Collection of tools 

Angular has many tools that simplify the development process. The inbuilt tools help in editing, data binding, and language selection. 


As it receives frequent updates from Google, it is secure and makes the development smoother. Some essential security features are data binding, server communication, and deep linking.  


This allows the AngularJS developers to format the data without affecting the original format. This makes mobile app development efficient and straightforward. 

Some disadvantages of AngularJS mobile app development are:

  • As it is only a JavaScript framework, it might face issues in the Server-side authentication and authorization.
  • It is not degradable when the user disables JavaScript, and then nothing is visible except the primary page. 

Wrapping it up!

If you are looking to make a suitable investment for your mobile application, hire AngularJS Mobile App Development services. You know that AngularJS has advanced features and tools for web apps. It isn’t limited to the above mentioned benefits, but there are a lot more. Being a feature-rich platform, it saves a lot of time and effort for the developers. On top of everything the applications developed using AngularJS will run on all the major browsers, Android and iOS devices seamlessly.  

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