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What Are Some Of The Top Technology Companies Of The Future?

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




As one of the fastest-growing sectors in the US, the Information Technology Industry is a great place to be and has many job opportunities for the right person with the right skill set. IBM is often cited as one of the top technology companies and their clients are a rich variety of government agencies, corporations, and nonprofits. One such corporation that uses IBM’s mainframe is the United States Military. IBM provides not only mainframes for government use but also for use in a wide variety of other industries including financial services, software development, and health care. In addition, IBM is a major player in the consumer market for computer technology and its products such as laptops, desktops, printers, and others.

Apple is another American tech giant whose market caps are based on the worth of its shares on Wall Street. Apple is the world’s most valuable company by far and it is a market leader in mobile computing devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple has also recently entered into partnerships with several different companies to expand its already enormous empire of products. As Apple is the largest technology company in the world by far, this makes it extremely profitable as a company and also makes its shares price very highly-priced on Wall Street.

Microsoft is the fourth largest technology company in the world and is a giant in the world of software. Though Microsoft is no longer related to its former glory of ” DOS “, its product lines have always been among the best sellers worldwide. Microsoft’s future appears strong and with Microsoft now on the rise as one of the top technology companies of the future, there are plenty of reasons for investors to buy into Microsoft now.


Google is yet another one of the top technology companies in the US and is currently the most valued company in the stock market. Google’s growth is a major reason for its valuation and Google search ranking positions. Google’s future growth remains to be seen with many different factors, but one thing that is definite is that Google will continue to be a force in the internet industry. Google’s future success will depend on its ability to innovate, especially if it continues to make high-quality and relevant products.

We should not forget YouTube when discussing the future of technology. YouTube is another top technology company to work for in the future, considering how popular it is. YouTube offers free videos that anyone can view, which is why it is so valuable for companies to get involved in getting videos published on YouTube. As more businesses use YouTube for business, more advertising opportunities will become available. More YouTube ads mean more potential revenue for companies and a higher valuation for a stock.

Last but certainly not least on our list of top technology companies of the future is aerospace technology and company X, better known as SpaceX. SpaceX is a company in the business of satellite operation and was founded in 1998. SpaceX is best known for its innovative work in designing and manufacturing fully-automated space vehicles. If you are someone who wants to work in this extremely fast-paced industry, Spacex could be perfect for you. SpaceX offers excellent salaries and a great benefits package.

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