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 Technology journalism has recently gained prominence. Some people rely on blogs and other online sources for their news. On their part, blogs and podcasts have increased significantly. Technology journalism is able to cover a variety of subjects making it useful to a large number of people who are interested in these subjects. A writer who decides to be a technology journalist has a number of subjects to write on such as technological developments, politics, and new product reviews.

Today, even the traditional media such as TV and Print are actively taking part in technology journalism. These media companies also publish online and in many instances, create some extra content such as videos, podcasts and blogs for the internet.

Just like any other form of journalism, technology journalism calls for formal training as a journalist. In addition, one has to gain experience and persistence is mandatory. If you want to deal with specialised areas like trade magazines, you need to have some form of qualification or experience in the area.

While technology provides a unique opportunity because people who are particularly interested in technology are likely to get news from podcasts, blogs and other online sources, there are challenges as well. Competition is stiff and for you to build an audience, you need to work extra hard. In particular, you will need to do the following;

  1. Be consistent-in order to attract a good number of readers, you must update your blog regularly. It is important to set a schedule of when you will be updating the blog and be faithful to it.
  2. Create a niche– in order to build a good reputation and compete favourably, you need to narrow down to a specific area where you have sufficient interest. You could be interested in several areas or in a single area which is rather wide for example technology. However, you will need to specialise in a narrower aspect of the broad area if at all you are to build an excellent reputation and inspire confidence in your audience.
  3. Always have your audience in mind-all journalists must think about their audience. This duty is even heavier on technology journalists who must be more concerned with how people are going to view their content. Some considerations include whether the presentation matches the content and whether readers would prefer RSS subscriptions in case of blogs.

While technology journalism may not pay well, it provides you an opportunity to build a reputation and sharpen your skills.

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