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How Software Updates For Car Will Make Driving a Thrilling Experience




It is undoubted that automobiles have undergone a lot of transformation. More surprisingly, astounding intellectual characterises nowadays automobiles. As things stands out now, many cars are prepared to grasp the trending software updates. When automobiles get software update, the gap between automobile and car dealer will be closed. Software updates will provide safety, invigorated performance and reduced driver’s diversion while driving.

These numerous advantages are wowing every single car lover. However, a proper way of getting those advantages without gearing up wheels is the thing that is buzzing in the car business. Definitely, there is no compelling reason to drive a car each time and another update got pop out. It is therefore preferable to get updates released from the manufacturer straight to the car with the help of a Wi-Fi enabled connection.

Each car tends to fling off the fact being old with the help of software updates.   But cars from some leading car manufacturers like Tesla, Toyota and Ford are improving the client needs and getting new look through innovative software updates.

For instance, Tesla Motors, one of the world’s well known producers of electric cars is committed to provide a series of software updates for its renowned Model S in 2016. The software can dissect street conditions and driver’s route.  Apart from that, it can control driver from driving at high speeds. It also stops the attendant access of utilizing personal data through valet mode. In addition, it performs automatic braking and blind spot identification as well as giving the topography that alerts driver if the car is diverting from a charging area. Immediately the car downloads and installs the code provided by the company, it gets updates.

Tesla Motors car brand is additionally planning to unveil another set of updates after a couple of months from the first set of update released.  This second set will comprise of a choice that permits car to drive itself, and aides towards the destination.

Tesla has also thrilled its Model S owners with another software update that increased significantly the car speed.  Model S P85D can now accelerate car speed from 0 to 60mph within only 0.1 to 3.1 seconds, that is, with the help of a new software update. This software has made huge difference than the previous version that took 3.2 seconds in the insane mode to gain the same speed range.

Ford motors, an American Automobile manufacturer in partnership with Microsoft, a giant software company, is set offer software updates for its latest infotainment system Sync 3. This move will keep the infotainment system updated and give its customers more options to get software updates. Therefore Sync 3 system will get updated by enabled WiFi.

With Sync 3 infotainment system equipped, Ford cars can now stay updated to the latest Microsoft’s reliable and easier software downloads. This is a smart process of software updating because it has surpassed the previous way of downloading Sync updates. The previous process required downloading Sync updates to USB thumb drive and then again installing it manually through dashboard.

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