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Which Technology Trends will Definitely Get Adopted in Future?




Technology advances gradually and most consumers first hear about particular products even before considering using them.  By the time a new product reaches people who are slow in adopting the technology, the fast adopters have been using the product for several years.

This year, we have heard various products that are gaining momentum. Experts are turning their attention toward these new technologies. Technologies that are reaching extensive adoption are:

  1. Machine learning

Machine learning technology has the capability of assisting the businesses using complex algorithms. The algorithms calculate the future performances based on the past performances. In future, businesses will start to see more experimentation associated with machine learning as people learn to use the technology.

  1. Biometrics

Currently, to unlock their tablets and smartphones, consumer are using thumbprint authentication. In future, technologists will discover more ways to enable customers to conveniently access secure areas and devices. Apple is allegedly working on facial biometrics. Canada is also testing facial recognition tech at its border patrol stations.

  1. Virtual reality

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, Virtual Reality was the hot tech toy. It made attendees guess that VR is the best tech this year.  With headsets from Samsung, Facebook, HTC and Sony, the developers of software are putting more effort to offer something to watch.

  1. Internables

Internables are fitness trackers fixed in the body of a patient. They are connected to the body, assisting to monitor the heart rate of an individual, blood pressure, and blood glucose. They are important because they detect health problems when they arise.

  1. Predictive analytics

Today businesses are aspiring to learn about everything. The future will see businesses implementing what they study in controversial ways. For instance, we will see more insurance firms using predictive analytics to adjust premiums and customers profiles.

  1. Social collaboration

When we want to share information with family members and friends, we turn to social-media platforms. This mentality has found its way in the workplace. Social collaboration tools such as Slack and HipChat will become part of the business that seeks to improve their communications.

  1. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is slowly making its way into offices and homes, with products like Ring and Nest linking home appliances to the cloud. Today, businesses have realized the importance of making products that address the increasing need for tech-connected solutions. Eventually, all business will be affected by this trend.

  1. Enhanced voice recognition

With the help of Siri and Cortana, customers have become more familiar with artificial intelligence.  Apple is polishing Siri so as to make her more valuable to smartphones owners. An iPhone feature, Proactive Assistant, will start to take user’s instructions based on users entering their homes or getting in their car. Google’s Cortana is striving to know more about its operators and with the assistance of Google Now, the artificial intelligence gives right information at the appropriate time.

Consumer’s lives will be easier as technology continues to develop. There will be new challenges that will face businesses. Nevertheless, they should strive to create services and products that automatically meet the needs of individuals.

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